Tamás Bozóki



I'm currently a PhD candidate at the University of Szeged and an assistant research fellow at the Institute of Earth Physics and Space Sciences (ELKH EPSS).

Personal information

  • Birthday: 20 May 1993
  • Birthplace: Tatabánya
  • Home city: Érd
  • Nationality: Hungarian


  • Elementary school: SZTE Ságvári Endre Gyakorló Általános Iskola
  • High school: SZTE Ságvári Endre Gyakorló Gimnázium
  • Higher education: Eötvös Loránd University
  • Bachelor degree: Physicist (2016)
  • Master degree: Geophysicist (2018)
  • Specialisation: Space Science and Remote Sensing
  • PhD studies: University of Szeged

Research activity

My research activity focuses on atmospheric electricity, aeronomy and geophysical fluid dynamics. At the Institute of Earth Physics and Space Science I'm a member of the atmospheric physics research group. My research output can be characterized by the following metrics (last update: 5 June 2022):

Refereed publications (source: MTMT)

Independent citations (source: MTMT)

Presentations on International Meetings and Conferences

Presentations on Hungarian Meetings and Conferences

One can find me on the following webpages:

Folk music

I am a member of the Korinda band, where I play the folk flute and violin. The band plays Hungarian and Romanian folk music. For more details I recommend you to visit our website: http://korinda.hu/en/



Institute of Earth Physics and Space Science (ELKH EPSS)

9400 Sopron, Csatkai E. u. 6-8.